The Telos India Blockchain Hub is supported by the Community Relations Team — Telos Foundation.


In view of the rising blockchain adoption in India and overseas, there is little knowledge readily available about how blockchain works and how it will be a major driving force in our future.


Most available blockchain resources online are focused on the money-making aspect of the crypto industry and bring in inherent risks to the users. Scams and frauds are rampant and can easily deceive even veterans in the space. These can be avoided by sharing knowledge through trusted sources, letting students know about the real-life use cases and adoption.


The blockchain education sessions will focus on explaining the basics of how blockchain works, what are the different consensus mechanisms and how smart contracts can reduce third party dependance.
Then, we will focus on the various components of different blockchains, how they work and how they are different from each other, an introduction to Telos and emphasizing benefits of building on Telos.

Lastly, we will guide interested students to specific tools and resources, where they can learn more about developing on Telos and arrange for a recorded message from the Telos Core Devs (if students have specific doubts).

Various career options in the blockchain ecosystem will be shared — for technical and non technical students.
Non technical students will be introduced to dApps that will be gaming, social media, blogging and NFT’s.

Each participant will receive a proof of attendance NFT, in collaboration with the AreaX team and Jason (krazypoet), that will have future utilities like attending special meet ups and events.

Later on, interested students can do a formal ‘Blockchain Certification’ through the Telos Academy, with basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Blockchain Incubation Center (Lab) – Sinhgad College of Science, Pune

In March 2022, a 5 year contract was signed between CreativBlock (registered as BlockTech Services LLP) and Sinhgad College of Science, Pune to setup the Blockchain Lab in the premises of the Institute.
Initially, we will be reaching upto 2300+ students and 100+ faculty members in the inaugural year, that will focus on blockchain education and awareness, providing interested students access to the right tools to build on Telos or use the growing ecosystem of dApps!


Blockchain has the potential to transform many aspects on India’s financial, social and governance systems in ways that make them more decentralized, open and equitable.
Our vision is to encourage students to learn about blockchain and explore ways to accelerate their career through the emerging technology.


We aspire to see an India that leads the world in adoption of blockchain technology, transforming the economy and society to achieve significantly greater competitiveness, efficiency, service quality, social engagement, entrepreneurship, and employment.


  • To educate and create awareness about Blockchain & Telos
  • Introduce next-gen developers to blockchain
  • Incubate ideas and projects from students
  • To provide assistance in terms of mentorship and developer resources to students
  • To assist students in finding blockchain-related jobs and freelance opportunities
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