Telos Blockchain Network is recognized for its ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) compliances, making it the greenest blockchain.

Telos’ energy consumption is around 0.0004 TWh/Year, lower than any major competitor.

As a Block Producer, CreativBlock’s energy consumption as dPOS is around 200 W/h, which is negligible compared to bitcoin Mining or even the exiting global banking system.

According to, the Bitcoin network consumes 113.89 terawatt hours (Twh) per year, while the banking industry consumes 263.72 TWh per year.

Global Energy Consumption CHART

CreativBlock aims to not only be a net-zero Block Producer, offsetting its Carbon Footprint, but also actively participate in sister projects like &

We have collaborated with, to plant 10 trees in Nepal every year to offset our Carbon Footprint.
The emissions per unit of electricity is estimated to be 0.309 kge/kWh (according to BEIS-2018). CreativBlock consumes 200 W/h, which means we cause the release of 61.8 kg of CO2.
According to research, a typical tree can absorb 21 Kilograms of CO2 per year. So, planting and taking care of 3 tree’s is sufficient to offset’s our Carbon Footprint as a Block Producer.

Keeping in mind the current environment issues, CreativBlock is committed to plant 10 Tree’s every year and make sure they are taken care of, by constant e-monitoring.

Telos has set high standards for decentralization and keeping up with this spirit all the Tree’s planted will be in the name of Telos Community Members.
These tree’s will be geo-tagged and can be visited virtually & authenticated on Treechain based on EOSIO blockchain protocol.
‘Click here’ and enter the Tree # from below for the Tree you wish to visit and take a virtual tour.

Tree #1 NGN1037940
Tree #2 NGN1038077
Tree #3 NGN1038163
Tree #4 NGN1038180
Tree #5 NGN1038239

Tree #6 NGN1038448
Tree #7 NGN1038457
Tree #8 NGN1038479
Tree #9 NGN1038480
Tree #10 NGN1038514

The CreativBlock team is working on the platform making it easy for everyone to calculate their Carbon Footprint and donate to projects actively working to come up with sustainable and regenerative solutions for the problems our environment is facing.

A marathon organized yearly in India by the founder of CreativBlock. The marathon is organized on the occasion of World Environment Day, raising environmental awareness by not only donating a tree to every participant; but also incentivizing the participants to take care of the tree.

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